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Disneyland-Shuttle-Bus-GoofyWe arrived late last Wednesday night so it was too late to go over to Disneyland, however we were up bright and early the next morning.  Breakfast was taken in the hotel, nothing special, couple of eggs and 2 slices of bacon with toast.

Before you head off to the Disneyland park check if your hotel is on one of the bus shuttle routes, if it is then one of the first things you should do is purchase a shuttle pass from the hotel before boarding the bus.

You cannot purchase a shuttle pass ticket on the bus you can only purchase single trip tickets. So if you haven’t pre-purchased a shuttle pass at your hotel, online or from the kiosk it will cost you $3.00 for a single trip for adults and $1.00 a single trip for children 2 years and over.

An Anaheim Resort Transport (ART) pre-purchased Day Pass allows you to travel on any of the shuttle buses. This means that once you reach the drop off point at Disneyland you can then board any of the other shuttles to visit other points of interest such as one of the many shopping areas such as Target or the Block at Orange, the Convention Center or Crystal Cathedral.

Drop off - Pick up shuttle point

A pre-purchased shuttle pass gives you unlimited travel on the shuttles for as long as the pass is valid and will cost you the following:-

Adults                              Children 2 and over
1-day        $3.00               1-day   $1.00
2-day       $6.00                3-day  $2.00
3-day       $8.00                5-day  $4.00
5-day       $12.00

Children under 2 years of age travel for free.
Children12 years and under must be accompanied by an adult.

If you do not have a pass remember that trips to the Disneyland Park will cost you for each time you travel on the shuttle. Drivers do not carry change so be sure to have the correct fare when you board.

The shuttles are all painted in different colors and themes. There are also Disneyland Cast Shuttles for transporting the many, many staff.

NOTE: If you would like to purchase tickets for the bus before you go you can purchase them online at Anaheim Resort Transit.

We always purchase our bus tickets at the hotel when we arrive, but this is just our personal preference.


Disneyland Cast Shuttle

Themed Shuttle Bus

Themed Shuttle Bus Disneyland

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  1. My friends and I are going to be in a super8 motel Anaheim during September, is there a shuttle bus service that runs to Walmart in Orange County?
    If anyone could help it would be much appreciated.


  2. Unfortunately the Super8 Motel in Anaheim does not appear to have a shuttle to either Walmart, The Block or the Disneyland Resort.

    Your choices seem to be to either park at the Disneyland Mickey and Friends carpark for $11 per day or walk the 10-15 minutes distance to the park and catch a shuttle from Disneyland.

    Having said that, I am not sure if there is a shuttle that goes to Walmart but the staff at either Super 8 or Disneyland will be able to tell you.

    I know there is a shuttle to the Block and it is either no 1 or 16 and there are instructions available in the bus shuttle area on where each shuttle goes.

    Have a great trip.

  3. I am planning to stay at the Peacock Suites on S Anaheim Blvd. I have to attend a conference at the Disneyland Hotel on 1150 Magic Way. Is there a shuttle service between these two hotels? How frequent are they?

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