From Canberra to Sydney with our Garmin Nuvi 255

garmin-nuvi-255Last week we drove from Canberra to Sydney to attend an affiliate marketing conference. This was an event that came out of the blue for us so it was a spur of the moment decision to attend. Now we’re used to travelling at a moments notice – in fact we prefer it – so only having a couple of days to book accommodation wasn’t a big deal for us.

And after quickly checking out the hotels near the event in Hurlstone Park (a suburb of Sydney), we decided instead to stay in the city centre and drive out each day.

We are getting used to driving to Sydney and anyone who has driven from Canberra to Sydney will know that getting to Sydney is not the issue – the big problem is driving through it. Sydney traffic can be horrendous, particularly during peak hour.

So before we left we decided to invest in a GPS. I had done a bit of research on the subject and in general most people preferred the Garmin to the Tom Tom so we settled on the Garmin nüvi 255 . One of the deciding factors was that the reviews stated that Tom Tom after sales service is mediocre to say the least, the routes provided weren’t always accurate and someone had mentioned that any long distance routings didn’t always work too well. Not sure whether that was just one person’s opinion but even so, in general, the Garmin just seemed to receive better reviews.

Before we left Canberra we set the GPS to direct us to our hotel but somewhere along the way we experienced a glitch. It kept telling us that there were ‘no detailed maps to support routing’. We’re not sure what happened or whether it was our fault or the Garmin’s but it wouldn’t allow us to select an address. So we finally had to end up using the street directory that we, fortunately, had in the car.

When we got to our hotel we had a look on the net to see what the problem might be. It turned out that we needed an unlock code to get the thing working again…but to get the unlock code you have to first register the GPS on the Garmin website…very frustrating!

After a small amount of cursing we eventually got to the unlock code which is on the Garmin site once you register. We followed the instructions to get the unlock code on to the GPS and hey presto the GPS started to work again. If you are having the same problem, just be aware that you need a USB cable to register your Garmin online as you need to connect the actual device to the Internet. A USB cable isn’t included when you purchase a Garmin 255 so you will need to purchase one separately or do what I did and use the one that I use for my camera. It fit perfectly.

The Garmin website is not easy to negotiate. I do wish product information websites would realise that their visitors want to find information on how to fix something, quickly and easily without all the pop-ups and a multitude of links to click to arrive at the right page.

For the four days we were in Sydney we had to get from our hotel in the city to Hurlstone Park and the GPS worked beautifully.  So apart from the initial hiccup the Garmin nüvi 255 worked great. It is a great little device which we highly recommend if you do a lot of car travel and don’t want to spend a lot of money on an expensive gadget. This is one of the cheapest GPS’s on the market.

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